Who Are We?

We are simple, down to earth folks from a variety of backgrounds who call ourselves Christians and who seek to put Jesus first in our individual lives. There is nothing special or different about us or the building we meet in. If something happened to our building tomorrow, the church (which is the people) would still be meeting together elsewhere. We can confidently face the biggest questions and concerns of life, including: the forgiveness of sins, death and life after death because we have individually trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and have consequently found God to be true. He has changed and satisfied our lives, and is someone on whom we can depend.

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Our Aim:

Our only aim is to give Glory to God. It is our desire to lift up The Lord Jesus Christ and see souls come to true repentance and saving faith in Him.










Our History:
Contact Information:
Auchinleck Christian Fellowship
Park Road, Auchinleck, Scotland, KA18 2AZ
Phone: +44(0)7734709834
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